Pronoun Yellow Hello My Name Magnetic Name badge – 3 Lines


As requested by the NHS and a campaign for NHS frontline staff to introduce themselves with their pronouns we’re pleased to offer our Yellow Patient friendly hello my name is badge, featuring Name, Job title and Pronouns.

Yellow “patient friendly” hello my name is badge, 76mm x 30mm featuring the #hellomynameis logo, your name, title (Line 2) and pronouns in black on a contrasting yellow background. For smaller orders simply enter name and 2nd line and pronouns into the respective boxes below exactly as you would like printed on the badge and click add to cart for each individual badge. Note Pronouns: will be printed, text entered in the Prounouns: box will be printed inside brackets as shown on the badge image.For larger quantities see below instructions. 

Click HERE for instructions for larger orders

1. Download this spreadsheet CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

2. Complete Spreadsheet and save to your computer.

3. Click Choose File and then select the spreadsheet from the saved location, and select open.

4. The file name should now be showing next to the Choose File Button.

5. Type FILE into the Name* box.

6. Change the badge quantity button to the total number of badges required, this should match the spreadsheet.

7. Click add to cart and checkout.

PLEASE ENTER YOUR NAME, 2ND LINE (NORMALLY JOB TITLE) AND PRONOUNS EXACTLY AS YOU WOULD LIKE IT TO BE REPRODUCED ON THE BADGE.  PLEASE ENTER YOUR NAME AND PRONOUNS (i.e. He/Him) EXACTLY AS YOU WOULD LIKE THEM TO BE REPRODUCED ON THE BADGE, Pronouns: is printed as standard on the badge, pronouns entered into the text box will appear between brackets as per the picture shown. 

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76mm x 30mm Official Yellow #hellomynameis… Magnetic Name Badge – 3 Lines

At the request of the NHS, and a campaign for NHS frontline staff to introduce themselves with their pronouns, we are pleased to offer our patient friendly yellow 76mm x 30mm featuring the #hellomynameis logo, your name, job title and pronouns (xxx/xxx)  These badges are to help trans patients feel safe and build trust with clinicians.

Durable Fibre Reinforced Plastic “Patient Friendly” Yellow Magnetic Name Badge supplied with a magnetic fixing, our plastic badges features the hello my name is logo, name and job title (Line 2) and pronouns printed in black on a contrasting yellow background.  We are an official supplier of these #hellomynameis… badges and as part of this campaign we donate for each badge purchased here

Patient Friendly – Black text on a yellow background is considered the most readable format and more readable for patients and visitors with visual impairments and dementia.

This badge comes complete with our new super durable magnetic fixings.


Leeds Hospitals Charity




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Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 76 × 3 × 30 mm

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